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Maui Pineapple Tour

Maui welcomes you to the one and only Maui Pineapple Tour (MPT). MPT is a great Maui activity for the whole family. Situated in the historic plantation town of Haliimaile, Maui Pineapple Tours takes guests on an exclusive experience of Maui's pineapple heritage. Learn about the unique growing cycle and cultivation techniques of Hawaii's pineapple and Maui Gold®. There is only one place in the United States where you can take a tour of a working pineapple plantation. That is on Maui at the Haliimaile Pineapple Plantation. This is a really fun tour, one of the most fun in Hawaii. It's educational, eco-friendly, scenic and tasty!


Cancellation Policy: Please note the 24 hour cancellation policy for 100% refund.
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