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Maui Craft Tours LLC

Since the 1800s, Maui’s alcohol purveyors have been passionate about sourcing local ingredients to produce their island-inspired creations. Today, Maui’s long-established craft industry is a rich cultural tradition inspired by the island’s unmatched tropical flavor. Like our partners, our story of Maui Craft Tours is inspired by a passion for handcrafted food and beverages brimming with the authentic flavor of Hawaiian paradise. Join our unique Maui tours to experience the island’s best flavors and the artisans who craft them. It is our pleasure to gather around the table with you and share in a celebration of Maui’s beer, wine, and spirits—and to raise a glass to the artisans who keep Maui’s craft tradition thriving in this paradise we call home.


Cancellation Policy: Byu I acknowledge the cancellation Cancellation occurring prior to 72 hours will be eligible for a refund of tour fare. Cancellation occurring between 72 and 48 hours of tour will receive a 50% refund of tour fare. Any cancellation occurring within 48 hours of tour date will not be eligible for refund. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund if you arrive late for pickup and miss the bus for any reason. Please, arrive early for pickup. Don’t miss the bus and lose your investment—and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. No-shows will incur full cost charges/no refunds.
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