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Safari Helicopter Tours

SAFARI HELICOPTERS -- A GREAT WAY TO SEE PARADISE! Famous for safety, comfort and service, Safari Helicopters was founded in 1987 by Preston Myers, one of the state's most experienced pilots. Preston received a college degree in aviation and served as a pilot for the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam conflict, eventually retiring as a full commander from the U.S. Naval Reserves. As a civilian he few in South East Asia for the now famous "Air America" and while based in Udorn, Thailand participated in secret missions throughout Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. His adventures continued when he relocated to Singapore, flying on oil exploration projects in Borneo, Sumatra, Java and Irian Jaya. Eventually Preston and his family settled on Kauai and started Safari Helicopters. Since then, his company has grown and expanded to flight-seeing tours, utility and government contracts on both Kauai and the Big Island. Preston is known as an innovator in the industry and was the first to feature air-conditioned ASTAR helicopters with high visibility windows, two-way communications with the pilot for all passengers, FAA approved multiple camera system to record a video of the passengers' actual tour and light-weight, new generation BOSE X noise cancellation stero headsets. Preston considers safety to be of the utmost importance. Safari Helicopters is a certified Part 135 Air Carrier and exceeds existing SFAR71 deviation approval. Its helicopters are FAA certified, as are all of its full-time pilots who also hold ATP (Airline Transport) Ratings, which is the highest FAA rating available and meets the same requisites that are required for airline captains. Safari helicopters are also Office of Aircraft Services inspected, which allows Safari to transport US Governmental agency personnel. Safari Helicopters is a founding member of the Activity and Attractions Owners Association of Hawaii and the Hawaii chapter of the Better Busines Bureau and abides by their business guidelines.


Kauai Waterfall Deluxe Helicopter Tours

This extensive, detailed and thorough tour of Kauai takes you along the Hoary Head mountain range into the Hanapepe Valley to see the Manawaipuna Waterfalls (commonly called the "Jurassic Waterfall" as seen in the movie of the same name). It includes flying over Olokele Canyon and then on to the Waimea Canyon (the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific") to see the Waialae Waterfalls. Continue on over Kokee State Park and fly into the major valleys along the Na Pali Coast. See the North Shore, Hanalei Bay, Lumahai Beach, Namolokama Mountain and waterfalls. Fly up the tropical rainforest of the Hanalei Valley and see taro patches (and, weather permitting, more waterfalls) and Mount Waialeale Crater, the wettest spot on earth with over 450" of rain per year. Fly back to Lihue Airport and see the Wailua Waterfalls (shown in the opening scenes of TV's Fantasy Island).

Big Island Helictopter Tours

Fly directly to the Kilauea Volcanic System to view the current activity which may include cinder cones with lava lakes, skylights, lava flows entering the ocean to create black sand beaches and the devastation of previous lava flows in the coastal regions. Returning to Hilo, the tour will include waterfalls (weather permitting) along the Hamakua Coast and the Upper Wailuku Falls.

Kauai Refuge Eco Tour

Depart from the helipad at the Lihue Airport and fly along the Hoary Head mountain range into the Hanapepe Valley to circle the Manawaipuna Waterfall, commonly known as the Jurassic Park Waterfall. Soar over the Olokele Canyon and the Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific; where several waterfalls cascade down steep the cliffs. Upon reaching the Kauai Botanical Refuge overlooking the Olokele Canyon the helicopter will land at this most unique and beautiful spot.
Safari is the first legally authorized company to provide a remote landing on the island of Kauai since all helicopters were banned from landing anywhere over 25 years ago. Any other company that purports to do a remote landing on a regular basis is doing so on an illegal basis.
The Kauai Botanical Refuge is located within the Robinson Ranch on property exclusively own by Keith Robinson who has been dedicated to the preservation of Hawaiian Endangered Species Plants. This site over looks the Olokele Canyon owned by the Robinson Family and is totally inaccessible to the public otherwise. You will be able to view the vastness of this particular canyon and the wonders of possible rainbows and waterfalls in the distance. The canyon is sometimes called the East Fork of the Waimea Canyon and extends from Waimea to the back west side of Mt. Waialeale Crater. There are no public roads or overlooks by land to view this spectacular site. A number of films were produced at this location such as one of the scenes from the movie Jurassic Park.
The pilot will discuss the Robinson Family history and the discuss plans to develop the property into a preserve for native Hawaiian plants endemic to the Hawaiian Islands Keith Robinson.
After the 30-minute stopover, the flight will continue on its normal air tour around the island.
Ascend over to the Kokee State Park and soar into major valleys along the Napali Coastline. View the North Shore, Lumahai Beach, Hanalei Bay, Namolokama Mountain and waterfalls. Descend into the tropical rainforest of Hanalei Valley and view multitudes of waterfalls, and weather permitting, Mount Waialeale Crater - the wettest spot on earth with over 450 inches of rain per year. Fly near the Wailua Falls, filmed in Fantasy Island, prior to returning to the Lihue Airport.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the day of service and will result in a 10% credit card charge. Cancellations made in a shorter period of time (less than 24 hours prior to the day of service) will result in a 100% charge being incurred. 100% refund for cancellation initiated by company. Tours and times may vary due to weather conditions. Our ASTAR helicopter has a custom Mega Window for exceptional viewing; we highly recommend wearing dark clothing for taking pictures in order to reduce any potential glare or reflection on the Mega Windows. The Mega Windows were developed for exceptional viewing not for photography. Wheelchair accessible - conditional - please call to clarify.