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Kohala Eco Venture

Kohala’s rugged backcountry and rich heritage are yours to explore with Kohala UTV Adventure! The Rugged Backcountry of North Kohala, with its impenetrable forests and precipitous valleys, has served as a refuge and battleground for centuries. Powerful chiefs battling to control the island would time and again find themselves stymied by the treacherous terrain as they sought to defeat rebels who had escaped to the deep canyons. Before achieving what no other had achieved before him – conquering and uniting all the islands – even Kamehameha The Great sought protection here. To this day, these forests provide, for a select few, escape from the daily “battles” of life. A chance to regroup, recuperate, and reemerge…ready to battle anew. Kohala UTV Adventure offers you a rare glimpse at this pristine Hawaiian landscape and to learn the history and legends they have inspired. Join us on a guided tour along the rim of the northern-most of Kohala’s seven sacred valleys: the Valley of the Long Spear, Pololū. Safely seated in your nimble 5-seat off-road “utility task vehicle” (UTV), we will meander makai (towards the sea) through the lush pastures of a working cattle ranch before journeying mauka (towards the mountains) where cool mists, verdant forests, and rushing streams await. Leisurely paced, educational, fascinating and fun it is the perfect Hawaiian eco-activity for families and groups. Come ride with us for an unforgettably unique Hawaiian experience! Location: 55-517 Hawi Road, in the quaint plantation village of Hawi (pronounced ha-vee). Tour Times: Daily 8:30 am & 12:30 pm Tour Duration: Approx. 2.5 hours, from departure to return Prices: Adult: First 2 Riders-$299; Third Rider-$140; Fourth Rider-$120; Fifth Rider (Call For Info) . All prices + tax. Driver must be 21 or older. Rating: Easy (short level hikes, leisurely UTV ride) Gear Provided: Head sock, helmet, goggles, gloves, rain poncho (for rainy days) & light snack (upon returning to headquarters) What to Bring & Wear: Wear clothing that can get wet, dusty or both. Long pants are preferable, but shorts will work fine. Closed toe shoes, work boots and athletic or hiking shoes are best. NO slippers or flip flops allowed. Bring a towel and a change of clothing. A light jacket is recommended. Restrictions: This UTV tours is not for those with neck or back problems or women who are pregnant. Safety equipment must fit properly for riders to participate. Minimum age is 8 years old. Please refer to TIPS & FAQs section of our website for additional information.


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Experience the extraordinary beauty of the untouched Hawaiian landscape and immerse yourself in the captivating tales and heritage it holds. Embark on a guided UTV tour with Kohala UTV Adventure, as we take you along the rim of Pololū, the northernmost of Kohala's seven valleys known as the Valley of the Long Spear.

Seated comfortably in our agile 5-seat off-road "utility task vehicle" (UTV), you'll traverse the magnificent terrain. Begin by meandering towards the sea through the vibrant pastures of a working cattle ranch. As you venture further, we'll lead you mauka, towards the mountains, where refreshing mists, lush forests, and babbling streams eagerly await your arrival.
Cancellation Policy: I agree to Kohala UTV Adventures' cancellation/change policy. Cancellations within the cancellation period and "no- shows" will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of the tour. All same-day reservations are final. Guests are required to sign liability waivers for all tours.