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Underwater Navigation Specialty Course

-3 Tank Dive Price: $411.46
-2 Tank Dive Price: $307.29
2tnk-Cert Tag Price: $96.77
Here in Hawaii, navigation skills may help you as you explore pristine coral reefs, find underwater lava structures, or conduct a full tour at your favorite Kauai dive site. You can learn these skills in the PADI Underwater Navigation Specialty course at Fathom Five Divers with one of our knowledgeable Underwater instructors who will guide you in academic sessions and three open water dives from shore. The benefits of underwater navigation skills may include making your dive plan more effective, putting you in control of your dive, save energy, reduce air consumption, or be a better dive buddy. This specialty certification will count toward the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating – the highest rating in non-professional diving.
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