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Premium 3-Tank Boat Dive

-3 Tank Dive Price: $297.19
Rider Price: $297.19
Many have asked for it, many have dreamed about it, and even more will get the chance to try our new Premium 3 Tank Boat Dive. Get more time in the water, more time exploring the ocean’s depths and more time having fun with our Premium 3 tank dive. With over 23 dive sites to choose from you can’t go wrong. We’ll chase the best conditions on our quest to show you the wonderful side of the ocean in Kauai.

First dive from 65′ to 95′, second dive 45′ to 75′, third dive 35′ to 55′.

Your Dive Includes:
- 3 guided dives
- Full site & critter briefing
- Light breakfast
- Snacks & drinks
- Lunch
- Tanks & weights

Tuesday & Friday Check in at 6:30 am.

Need to rent equipment? Feeling a little rusty and need a refresher Course? Add on an equipment rental package, rent items per piece, or add on a 30 minute refresher course before your scheduled dive time.
**Please contact the dive shop in advance if you would like to sign-up for a refresher**
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Accommodation Information:

Room (if known)
Check here to acknowledge our 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. **48 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY ON NIIHAU**
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