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Night Boat Dive

-1 Tank Dive Price: $183.72
This 1-tank night boat dive, usually at Sheraton Caverns with a maximum depth of 65′. We give a thorough pre-dive briefing and have one incredible set of employees, so night diving experience is not necessary. As a bonus we throw in a light bulb and a battery, figuring out how to get it to make light is your deal! What do you get to see on a night dive? Well that’s all the fun, it’s like day and night down there, everything changes! The famed Spanish Dancer comes out at night and wow, it is a sight to see!

Witness moray eels, octopus, the occasional shark all feeding at night. Many fish are unrecognizable at night; their differing abilities allows many to change colors while others emit protective layers around them, some even grind their teeth while snoozing away! Kauai scuba diving has never been more fun then at night with the Fathom Five crew!

Available on Thursday Only. Check in times are seasonal —

Dive Includes:

-1 guided dives
-Full site & critter briefing
-Pizza, snacks & drinks
-Tanks & weights
-Sola800 dive light

Need to rent equipment? Feeling a little rusty and need a refresher Course? Add on an equipment rental package, rent items per piece, or add on a 30 minute refresher course before your scheduled dive time.
**Please contact the dive shop in advance if you would like to sign-up for a refresher**
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  • -1 Tank Dive:

Accommodation Information:

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Check here to acknowledge our 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. **48 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY ON NIIHAU**
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