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Introductory Morning Shore Dive at Koloa Landing

-2 Tank Dive Price: $218.30
-1 Tank Dive Price: $175.07
1tnk-CertTag Price: $137.25
2tnk-Cert Tag Price: $153.46
Introductory Shore Dive on the South Shore

Who wants to dive? EVERYONE! No experience necessary! You can dive for the first time in Kauaiā€™s beautiful waters with a personal, almost hand-held experience with our SCUBA instructors.

Diver must be at least ten years old and in good medical health. If you are unsure about the health requirements please read the medical history questionnaire (PDF) or give us a call.

Your Dive Includes:
-1hour lesson
-Snacks & drinks
-All rental gear

During the 1-hour academic lesson with a SCUBA instructor you will learn the skills needed. The lesson is followed by 1 or 2 introductory dives where you will remain with your instructor during the entire dive.

Available 7 days a week!
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Accommodation Information:

Room (if known)
Check here to acknowledge our 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. **48 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY ON NIIHAU**
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