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Afternoon Koloa Landing Dive

-2 Tank Dive Price: $153.46
-1 Tank Dive Price: $137.25
1 or 2 tank guided shore dive at one of Kauai's most beautiful South Shore locations. Koloa Landing offers a great opportunity for divers of ALL skill levels to enjoy a day under the sea. A great way to get back into diving if you’ve been gone for awhile, Or an even better way to get up close and personal with some of Kauai’s favorite animals and see some of it’s famed under sea topography. Includes an orientation with an ecology briefing describing the animals eco systems and behavioral patterns as well as a pre-dive briefing discussing safety procedures, gear, hand signals, etc.

Koloa Landing features a 15 foot to 45 foot dive experience rich with life and filled with creatures not easily found anywhere else. It’s a pretty easy entry and their is no real swell break. Our instructors often times know the homes and breeding location of some of rarest animals on Kauai. For many this dive offers it all.

Your South Shore Dive Includes:

- Small groups; no more than 4 divers unless requested
- Biology briefing entailing animal habits and behaviors
- No mixing of certified and non-certified divers unless
- Full site briefing
- Snacks & beverages
- Tanks and weights

7 days a week! Check-in at Fathom Five 12:45 pm

Need to rent equipment? Feeling a little rusty and need a refresher Course? Add on an equipment rental package, rent items per piece, or add on a 30 minute refresher course before your scheduled dive time.
**Please contact the dive shop in advance if you would like to sign-up for a refresher**

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Accommodation Information:

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Check here to acknowledge our 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. **48 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY ON NIIHAU**
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