TARP & Shaka Gold Membership Reseller Program

Earn Extra Money while providing improved Customer Service

Activities & Attractions Association of Hawaii, A3H features two travel agent programs:

1. Travel Agent Referral Program:

Perfect for the client who would like you to take care of everything. This provides travel agents a back door into the activities and attractions of Hawaii's central reservation system. Book and pay for real tickets directly with the companies providing the experience. You Earn 15% commission.

2. Shaka Gold Membership Resellers Program

Perfect for the budget minded client who wants you to provide them extra service while saving them money. The Shaka Gold membership provides 10-25% off retail prices for your vacationing clients. You earn $7 per card sold. We have made it easy and stripped away the layers between you and the direct suppliers - you simple make the connection, we do all the work.

Just fill out the registration form below after selecting to participate in one or both programs. Please note that TARP (Travel Agent Referral Program) is only available to bone a fide travel agent with an IATA or CLIA number and also to on island desks registered to do business in the state of Hawaii and licensed with the DCCA as an Activity Desk. In addition, a W-9 is also required by each registrant sent via fax to 1-800-365-6284 or in Hawaii (808)877-3104 or scanned & emailed to TARP@A3H.org.

Registration Form:

Prior to activating your registration the required federal form, W-9 must be received.
Send via fax to 1-800-365-6284 or in Hawaii (808)877-3104 or scanned & emailed to TARP@A3H.org.

Enter your CLIA, IATA, OSN or Activity Desk License number(s) below in the appropriate boxes. These numbers must match the "Name" and "Address" provided above in order to authenticate.